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I joined up in the SGPT Members Bunker over 6 years ago and have been working out with the daily workouts like clock work. If you want a mix of great workouts that only need minimal gear – this is the daily workout program for you. SGPT Athlete Billy D

From Dieter F:
Being a member of SGPT keeps me motivated to constantly improve. Even with physical injuries, that have completely changed how I can work out. I have found encouraging advice to stay in the fight. Best advice on the web.

Just joined last year and followed the daily workout. I sent Coach Brad an email and he answered every question I had. I was amazed at the personal communication to help guide my workouts. Great info as I was able to boost my pull ups. I was at zero pull ups and over the next few weeks was able to knock out 3 continuous pull ups with good form.
SGPT athlete “B0B”

From Joe P:
Found out about this group through a SGPT podcast interview with Navy SEAL Michael Jaco. I then followed the online bread crumb trail back to the Members Underground Bunker. Super glad I jumped in with this group as I became more accountable with my workouts using the SGPT accountability group. They sent me a t-shirt and I am one of the 1% crew!
SGPT athlete Joe P.

I met Coach Brad at a fitness event in Pennsylvania and checked out some of his articles. I signed up for the Membership Bunker as I wanted to get a daily workout to build discipline but also knew that Coach Brad answered all questions and I needed some help. I have been a member now for 6 years and have found the source for mental and physical training. Thanks! SGPT athlete Brian T.

Have you been a loyal dues paying member? Its time to turn in your months of hard work and get some swag to show for it. Check out the SGPT swag that we send out to our members. SGPT T-shirts, socks, winter Jeep caps, the coveted “patch”. We are also working on getting fresh new water bottles for the crew – hang tight!