This is the starting page for all athletes that are starting their journey towards physical and mental improvement.

Daily steps to help you improve 1 percent weekly with Team SGPT.

#1. Perform the SGPT workout of the day and post to comments for accountability.

#2. Read 5 minutes minimum daily. SGPT books listed here.

#3. Read 1 article from the — SGPT Daily News – listed here.

#4. Read the SGPT Interviews listed here and learn 1 thing you can use in your life.

#5. Read 1 SGPT article a week SGPT Articles – listed here – for a wealth of information

#6. Post a question in the SGPT Forums – here. and interact with other athletes on Team SGPT.

#7. Use the Search tool on this webpage (up and to your left) to search hundreds of articles.

#8. Email Coach Brad – to ask for a tip to help you progress. We like receiving emails and look forward to hearing about your progress. I look forward to joining in your success!